December 9, 2021

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Staind’s Aaron Lewis embarks on yet another political rant on his solo country music tour

Aaron Lewis. Credit: @king_p_19bullitt/IG

Aaron Lewis. Credit: @king_p_19bullitt/IG

It’s been a while since you’ve heard Staind frontman + country solo musician Aaron Lewis go on a political rant, right? These days, he’s become arguably more infamous for these rants and his moonlighting as a country singer. Wouldn’t you know it, he’s done it yet again – because getting a crowd to yell “Fuck Joe Biden” in the POTUS’s hometown wasn’t enough of a safe place to do so. This time, he wants the Democratic Party to “quit ruining” *his* country.

As Blabbermouth helpfully transcribed, Lewis had plenty to say while performing his controversial song “Am I The Only One” on October 17th.

“All those statues, they were all Democrats. All of ’em. It’s funny how they’re trying to erase their own history. It’s their history.

“It’s not the fault of America in any way, shape or form. The scars of America are not the scars of America. They’re the scars of the Democratic Party, plain and simple. If you paid attention in history class, you’d know this already. But don’t take my word for it. Get off Google and look it up.

“They think it’s about statues,” he continued. “They don’t think it’s about the thousands of ships parked just off our ports unable to unload the goods that we need so desperately because the government is standing in the fucking way. It’s not about the fact that they are teaching our children to judge each other by the color of their skin. It’s not about the fact that we were all locked down while a bunch of Democrats rioted in the streets and burned down cities and looted stores. No, it’s not that at all. No, it’s about me defending a bunch of Democratic statues being torn down. It’s fucking really fucking ridiculous.”

But that’s not all! Lewis continued on his political rant even further:

“Wake up, people,” Lewis added. “They’re purposely trying to sink our ship. A very small handful of people compared to all of us where the power lies. It is we the people.

“This is the only country in the world that is designed with the power from the bottom up.

“Every single thing that the government has ever done that wasn’t good for this country is to flip it around from the top down.

“If you want top down, go to any communist country in the fucking world. Go to any socialist country in the world. Go to any other fucking country in the world. Quit trying to ruin my fucking country.”

Of course, this definitely isn’t the first time Lewis has courted controversy over his political proclivities. Last month, he led a “Fuck Joe Biden” rant in the POTUS’s hometown of Scranton, PA. Lewis is also dealing with the wrath of former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, who told Lewis “Fuck you and your band” recently.

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