Washington punk/metal band InComing Days release their debut album ‘Off The Map’

Hailing from the heart of Spokane, Washington comes a fairly unique take on the metal genre. InComing Days is a punk metal band with punk rock influences, blended with modern metalcore. The Washington-based band has creative veins. InComing Days is a unique concoction of musical elements that I honestly am pretty impressed with. The band has just unveiled their debut album ‘Off The Map’ after years of behind-the-scenes hard work and dedication to their vision. To celebrate the release of their debut album, InComing Days has released a music video for the song ‘308’ taken from the album!

InComing Days is truly a unique band in my eyes, it’d be hard to find another group that matches their sound. Their nine-track new album delivers a unique experience for each track on the album, all bursting with energy and atmosphere. A truly wonderful ride of energy, one I wasn’t expecting at all when I turned on their music for the first time. InComing Days debut album ‘Off The Map’!


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