June 25, 2022

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Spiritbox release new song, “Circle With Me”

Already tapped as one of progressive metal’s most exciting new acts, Spiritbox have released another exciting new song, “Circle With Me”. The video has racked up over 160,000 views on Youtube – and a nearly unanimous positive reception – in just 20 hours of its availability. Pretty impressive stuff, as the band – who experienced a huge surge in fans with the release of last year’s single “Holy Roller” – continues to gain momentum.

About the new song, vocalist Courtney LaPlante had this to say: “This song was written in the studio as a last-minute addition, one of the many reasons we are so grateful to no longer be exclusively working remotely. It captures the spectrum of emotions I’ve been feeling lately about my music. From the anxiety I feel about messing up to a confidence meant to protect me from self-doubt. Visually, we wanted to present the viewer with the image of us that we miss the most: us performing on stage, with nothing to hide behind: instruments, some lights, and beautiful camera movement.”

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