Solo artist Droogz releases his debut song “No Escape”, showcasing a unique take on rap and hip-hop

A fresh new solo artist, born in raised in the Green Bay heartland of Wisconsin. In his early years Droogz begun to write lyrics and poem and took a liking to it, one day hoping to join a band and utilize them. After a few stints in bands Droogz took a directional change in his music. He takes his knowledge from previous musical groups and fuses ideas with rap and hip-hop, in a wonderful take that I enjoy. Droogz is a talented artist starting his journey with his debut song “No Escape”. The song comes with a vibrant and well crafted lyric video that fits the song perfectly. Fans of Ghostemane, Corpse, and Terror Reid should find something they like in the musical vision of Droogz. His debut song is a strong starting point and we’re excited to hear more in the future!

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