September 23, 2021

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Slaughter To Prevail unleashes aptly titled new song, “Demolisher”

Does Russian deathcore sound good to you? It should. While the band hasn’t released an album since 2017’s Misery Sermon, Russia’s deathcore metal exports Slaughter To Prevail have re-emerged with a new song, “Demolisher”. Unsurprisingly, it goes exactly as hard as you’d expect it to. We won’t beat around the bush – it’s honestly one of the heaviest songs you’ll hear all month, so give “Demolisher” a spin below. While it was previously debuted earlier this year on tour, it’s worth another listen or twelve. “Demolisher” just adds to the impressive catalogue that Slaughter To Prevail have built for themselves, with millions of Spotify streams (including over 3.5 million for “Hell”) and sold-out tours. While a release date for more material is unknown at this time, “Demolisher” will certainly tide you over.

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