November 30, 2021

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Sink With Me share impactful video for new single “NOCTYD”

Southern New Hampshire post-hardcore act Sink With Me have unleashed their new music video “NOCTYD” through the Dreambound YouTube channel.

The single tackles the persistent, relatable battle with one’s own thoughts. The visual depiction through the video adds a representation that adds new depth to the lyrics, with lines like “Trying my hardest to push past this / But everything points in the direction of my emptiness / I can’t escape my suffering / Suffering in silence / Is all I know” being exemplified in the actor’s expression from start to finish.

After only a few days and almost 10k views at time of writing, the band is well on their way to breaking out in 2021. Echoing an electronic side of post-hardcore from bands such as I See Stars and That’s Outrageous!, it scratches an itch that many listeners have for a complex-yet-familiar listen on “NOCTYD”.

Check out the video here ahead of “NOCTYD” releasing on streaming services on May 27th!

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