September 19, 2021

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Silverstein “A Beautiful Place to Drown” Review – 20 Years of Greatness

For a band to have longevity spanning two decades is a rarity. Luckily for us, the legendary Silverstein has persisted for 20 years now. The real kicker? They have been consistent the entire time, with not a weak album under their belt.

Silverstein’s newest effort, A Different Place to Drown, is no exception; in fact, it has some of their best moments yet. Combining poppy choruses with refined post-hardcore instrumentation makes each song single-worthy.

On top of that, this album is CHOCK full of features: Intervals’ guitarwork on “Bad Habits”, Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo sing/screaming on “Burn it Down”, Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie on “Infinite”, Princess Nokia rapping on “Madness”, and Simple Plan’s Pierre Bouvier on “Take What You Give”. To say this album is stacked is an understatement.

The variety on display with this album is enthralling. “Burn It Down” features a Beartooth member and sounds like it’d fit right at home on a Beartooth record, whereas “All on Me” is a ballad complete with autotune and saxophone. And to incorporate a blossoming rapper within a genre they’re not accustomed to is a risk that pays off.

UNFD, known for incredible bands like Northlane, Architects, and Silent Planet, made the right call adding Silverstein to their roster, cementing their status as one of the premier heavy labels to be a part of.

As one of the pioneering bands in contemporary post-hardcore, the band has grown from its roots and expanded on their sound to craft truly memorable records. Whether it be A Shipwreck in the Sand or This is How the Wind Shifts, the band’s “deep cuts” are, in actuality, quite strong on their own.

A Beautiful Place to Drown is hardly a continuation – it’s a celebration of 20 years of success from one of the most persistent, dedicated artists this millennium. This is an album any Silverstein fan would love, and a great re-entry point for those who haven’t listened in years.

***A review copy of A Beautiful Place to Drown was provided by UNFD.


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