Show Review: Take Captive


Venue: Rockettown

Location: Nashville, TN

Date: April 28, 2016

Guest Writer: Marriah Gonzalez

Today’s local music scene is saturated with artists who lack depth and individuality, but Take Captive have managed to obtain a unique sound and an on-stage delivery that set them apart. I had the privilege of watching their first show as a pop band after making the leap from the post-hardcore genre, and I was blown away. Check out their new single, “Invincible” below.

To make it in today’s scene, a band must be able to write music that will stick with the listener long after the track has ended, and bring it to the stage in a fashion that will keep the fan base growing and coming back. Take Captive have mastered the art of entertainment in music, performance, and crowd interaction.
A switch from post-hardcore to pop may seem like a drastic move, but the first listen to any track will make it apparent that this is exactly where this band belongs. Take Captive create a sound that is authentic and emotionally charged within a genre that has become devoid of all substance. From the passionate vocal melodies over the haunting synths and guitars, to the memorable and catchy choruses that can be found from track to track, the band have managed to blend a melodious and uplifting sound with a dark, yet beautifully refreshing tone.
The most blatant downfall of any band is to write music that conforms to what they think their fans are expecting, but it takes a true stroke of genius to abandon all regard for what’s expected and write from the heart. Take Captive are a good example of the latter, and the passion, emotion, and pure talent do not resonate any louder than when they are on the stage.
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