Show Review : Summer Salt – Soundwell (03.23.2022)


For quite a while now I have had friends recommend and encourage me to attend a Summer Salt
show. I finally was able to make it to one of their shows and it did not disappoint.
To start the show off they had Kate Stephenson open, it was her first time coming to Salt Lake City, and you could feel the excitement she had. Kate had great stage charm and was very engaging with the crowd.
The second opener Renata Zeiguer was just as cute, unfortunately for her she mentioned that some of her gear had
been misplaced so she had to play an acoustic set. Fortunately for the crowd, we were able to hear the
stripped-down set and her melodic voice and thoughtful lyrics were a crowd dazzler by far.
Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for came and Summer Salt took the stage. I was
instantly impressed with their musicianship, their songs had great guitar solos and you could tell by the
way they played they had put a lot into these songs. They welcomed the crowd and gave a big thanks to
the show-goers that have come to many of their shows. Something that stood out to me was when they
mentioned that they were going to play a highly requested song that they don’t normally play but knew
that the fans loved it. I really appreciated their attention to their fans and playing things they knew the fans
wanted to hear.
My favorite song was called Coming Up, there were lots of things to like about this song but I really liked
their lyrics. The song perfectly told the story of a life that is trying to get you down but you refuse to let it.
Summer Salt has a way with words that pair perfectly with their songwriting to really draw in their
listeners. I was also really impressed with the crowd, this was by far one of the nicest crowds I have been
around by far, they were all respectful of everyone around them and it was fun to watch the crowd sway in
unison to enjoyment.
Overall you will want to do yourself a favor and go to a Summer Salt show and be sure to add
them to all your summer playlists. Their music is fun and is perfect for those long summer road trips you
may have, driving in the car with friends and with the windows down. They still have a few more shows
left of their current tour, so if they are coming to a city near you I would definitely recommend getting a
ticket quickly

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