Show Review: Rotting Out/No Bragging Rights/The Beautiful Ones/Heart To Heart


Venue – Backbooth

Location – Orlando, FL

Date – 3/2/2014

Lineup – Rotting Out w/ No Bragging Rights, The Beautiful Ones, Heart To Heart, Capstan and Fourth Son

We arrived in downtown Orlando a half hour or so before the doors to the venue were opening, today’s show was a matinee so the first band ended up going on around 4:30. I unfortunately ended up missing the first local band Fourth Son due to having to do an interview, be sure to check them out when you get a chance.

First band I saw was local band Capstan. I’ve been hearing about this band for a while at shows all over central Florida, but I had never taken the time to check them out before this show. The first thing that stuck out to me about this band was the fact that they were playing pop punk style music, but they incorporated blast beats, which I found very interesting. Capstan put on one of the better performances I’ve seen from any local band recently, I just wish the crowd have moved more than a few inches during their set.

Up next was the first of the four touring bands, Heat To Heart. I’d been waiting almost a year for this band to come back around ever since they played at Transitions with Forever Came Calling, so when I saw they were on an already stacked tour lineup it was just icing on the cake. Heart To Heart put on one of the most honest live performances I’ve ever seen, vocalist Nick Zoppo puts his absolute everything into his performance. Like with Capstan I don’t think Heart To Heart got the crowd reaction they deserved, but I personally enjoyed every bit of their set, and I can’t wait for them to come back.

Next up was The Beautiful Ones. I wasn’t very familiar with this band beforehand, I had only ever heard one or two songs, so I didn’t go in with any expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. First of all, I was not prepared for how incredibly loud and incredibly heavy The Beautiful Ones were, but they still managed to keep a clear sound. I am definitely going to have to check out this band further after seeing them live, and I recommend everyone else does the same.

And now it was time for the band I was most looking forward to seeing, No Bragging Rights. This was my fourth time seeing this band, and they somehow manage to get better every time. At this point in the show the crowd finally started to get crazy, everyone was singing and screaming along to every word with the band, and even a decent sized pit going for a little while. My favorite thing about this band, especially live, is the vocal performances given not only by lead vocalist Mike Perez, but the backing vocals from the band as well, there aren’t many bands in hardcore that can harmonize as well as them, while still managing to be incredibly heavy. Words cannot describe just how underrated this band are, they put their absolute everything into their music, which is something that unfortunately seems rare with most modern hardcore bands. Overall No Bragging Rights were my favorite set of the night, I’m definitely going to see them live every chance I get.

After No Bragging Rights finished, an artists whose name I didn’t hear clearly so I’m not sure as what to call him started playing a solo acoustic set, even playing a banjo on some of the songs. Whoever this guy was, he was awesome, he reminded me of a slightly less corny Steven Lynch, using dark humor in many of his songs, he had the entire crowd literally laughing out loud on several occasions.

Up next were Rotting Out, a newly favorite band of mine. But before I get into their review, I want to address the fight that occurred during their set as well as the people that started it. First and foremost, going to shows to deliberately start fights is absolutely pathetic, and there is NO ROOM WHATSOEVER for that anywhere. Secondly, if you can’t take a hit, or you get pissed off when someone bumps or gets shoved into you at a show, then GET OUT of the pit, don’t ruin the fun for the rest of the crowd and the band just because you’re being an idiot. If you get knocked down, get back up and brush it off, don’t try to start crap just because you weren’t paying attention to the rest of the crowd.

Anyways, like I was saying, up next was a newly favorite band of mine in Rotting Out. I had somewhat been a fan of these guys for a while, but when I saw them live back in November on the The Story So Far tour, they completely changed my perspective of them. Rotting Out are and angry, aggressive and an extremely energetic live band. there wasn’t a single dull moment of their set. Vocalist Walter Delgado puts on one of the most impressive performances I’ve seen from any frontman in any genre, constantly moving around the entire stage, he definitely knows how to work the crowd better than most. I have never seen so many kids stage dive inside Backbooth as I did during Rotting Out’s set, the crowd was going ballistic during the entire set, and it was clear the band were loving every second of it.

All in all, aside from the fight, this was one of the best hardcore shows I have ever been too, if it comes near you I heavily recommend you attend, you’ll be sorry if you don’t.

Rotting Out’s setlist

1)Street Prowl
2)Suicide King
3)Blade Of Rust
4)The Shoot Out
6)Iron Jawed Angel
8)City Of Shame
10)No Clue
11)Laugh Now, Die Later

No Bragging Right’s setlist

1)Appraisals And Ommissions
4)Empire: Disarray
6)Not My Salvation
7)Hope Theory

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