Show Review : Pvris – The Fonda Theatre (09.02.2021)

Reviews & photos by Jenna Doolittle

Thursday night, Pvris finished up their tour at The Fonda with the opening band, Royal and the Serpents. Their Alternative rock sound with synths pop mixed in kept the crowd dancing and off their feet all night.

Royal and the Serpent brought the crowd to life as she opened the show. She wore a bloody cheerleading outfit and her band, Beauty School Dropout matched the attire. She played her newest single, Go Phuck Yourself along with her song that is popular on TikTok, Overwhelmed. Beauty School Dropout got to play one of their songs, Starphucker and during the song, EAT SPIT! Slush Puppy found his way out of the crowd to join them onstage.

Pvris started their set off with their newest single, Monster with deep red lighting on them that fit the song perfectly. Having just released an album earlier this year and a single last month, Pvris played a new set of songs as well as two unreleased songs, If I Don’t Wake Up Tomorrow and My Way for this sold out crowd, along with the classics from their earlier albums. Frontwoman, Lynn Gunn sang the songs to perfection and had witty banter with some front row fans. At the end of Half, all three band members jammed out for a longer outro that really got the crowd jumping. They ended the show with Hallucinations, one of their biggest singles from the newest album and my personal favorite.

I’m a big fan of this band and the show that they put on. I would highly recommend catching a show if you want to dance, jump and headbang all at once.

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