Show Review & Photo Gallery: The Glory Sound Prep Tour

Jon Bellion’s The Glory Sound Prep tour stopped at the Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park in Indianapolis, IN on August 2nd. Supporting Jon Bellion were soul pop group Lawrence, and singer songwriter Marc E. Bassy.

Lawrence opened up the night with their single Shot. Siblings, Clyde and Gracie Lawrence brought high energy with insanely powerful vocals that had the crowd on their feet and cheering for more. With coordinated dance moves for every song and on stage shenanigans between the members, the horn section of Lawrence was exciting to watch. As well as the bassist and guitarist of the group who periodically would make eye contact with each other and move around in circles to the beat of the song. Lawrence also featured a Sean Paul cover of Get Busy in their setlist. Midway through the set the band announced they were the first band to be signed to Jon Billion’s new record label.

Marc E. Bassy followed Lawrence and all of his vocals were spot on. He opened with Plot Twist and sung the full version of his song with G-Eazy, Some Kind Of Drug. His set had crowd members dancing along to every beat and stopping to slow dance with their partners during some of his slower songs which featured him on piano with his accompanying guitarist and drummer. He closed out his set with his brand new song Die Hard where for the ending he sprinted back and forth on stage pointing at different sections of the crowd to sing the hook.

Jon Bellion made a powerful entrance starting the night off with JT. Most of his set featured songs from his newest album but he made sure to throw in some crowd favorites like his hit All Time Low, along with Overwhelming and Guillotine which he completely freestyled differently than he played it every other night of the tour. He spoke on how as a kid he would follow an amphitheater tour and see the same song 3 times, all played differently and he said when he makes it to that level he would be sure to include it. About a quarter of the way into the night he brought back Lawrence’s entire band for a full on improvised groove section where he showed everyone’s talent off by randomly pointing at them to solo to the song. Jon showed off his incredible production skills alongside his bands as he made up beats on the spot and had everyone following and grooving along. I heard many members of the crowd shouting “Okay Jon!” as the cheered him on for more on the spot jams. The lawn was packed for his set, he came on stage beaming as everyone chanted his name and took a second to thank everybody and that there were “about 500 times more people than the last time he played”

With a sold out baseball game at Victory Field just across the street from the venue, there was sure to be an unplanned surprise. In almost perfect timing, fireworks lit up from behind the crowd as baseball fans roared and concert attendees roared even louder that the fireworks went off as soon as one of Jon Bellion’s songs ended. Fireworks continued perfectly alongside the next few songs as he announced it was not planned but a perfect setting for the night.

Alongside reviewing the show, photographer Mya Tolliver caught the action onstage from all 3 bands.


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