September 28, 2023

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Show Review: Palaver Thursday At Foobar


Palaver Records along with Soundstamp and Starr Hill Brewery put on a tremendous show last night at Foobar in Nashville, TN. T. Rust, The Get Togethers, Aevory, and Twin Beds all put on an incredibly diverse, yet satisfying performance. Every band was different from the next keeping the entire night interesting and enthralling.


Unfortunately, I walked in at the end of Twin Bed’s set, but I saw enough to know that I missed a great performance. One thing is for sure: I won’t miss them again! You can check them out here.



Aevory put on an amazing performance. As soon as they played “Apology No. 9” I knew this would be a band I wouldn’t quickly forget, and I was right. They displayed the passion of a veteran band. Each member put everything into every second of every song and it showed that they were all doing what they truly loved. You can check them out here.


The Get Togethers is a name I’m sure everyone will know very soon. The chemistry within the band is evident from their performance. The energy between the members filled the room. Every person in the crowd stood screaming every word to every song. They have some of the most passionate fans I’ve ever seen at any show, which s a good reflection of not only their performance, but their music as well. You can check them out here.


T. Rust was intriguing from the beginning. To see a man walk on stage with an electric guitar but no band to back him really piqued my interest. Not only that, but the first song of his set was an a cappella track which introduced his rich voice. The next songs he performed were accompanied by the full tone of his guitar. It was a calm, but a great end to an amazing night of performances. You can check him out here.

The night was a breath of fresh air from the monotony that has grown to be the modern music scene. If you’re ever in Nashville on a Thursday night, I highly recommend heading over to Foobar for Palaver Thursday to enjoy some amazing music with great people, great beer, and a great atmosphere.

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