May 25, 2024

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Show Review : Neck Deep – Radius (11.23.2021)

After releasing one of pop punks greatest albums of 2020 with “All Distortions Are Intentional” in the midst of COVID, Neck Deep are finally back in the states with an all star tour lineup to play the songs live for fans for the first time. Hitting Chicago on a chilly November night at the newly opened Radius venue fans were given a night full of sing alongs and crowd surfing that for a small amount of time made you forget about everything happening outside in the world.



Kicking off the evening was Oxymorrons. Not aware at all of who they were they made quite the impression. Mixing rock, rap, and punk elements into a fast blend of melodic flowing beats and the intensity of punk music had the crowd in their hands from the moment they came on. Even with some technical issues kicking it off they made the most of their time turning a room of people into new fans and having them chant for them throughout their set.

Hot off their new EP “Thoughtz And Prayerz” were Heart Attack Man bringing their brand of hardcore infused pop punk. With hit after hit being played the crowd started to get going for them bringing crowd surfers and loud sing alongs. Now that frontman Eric Egan is doing just vocals and has an additional member now on guitar. Playing some hits from their past including 2019s “Fake Blood” as well as a few songs from their new EP which seemed to be quick fan favorites the band blasted through the set with large amounts of energy giving everyone else playing a run for their money. Hopefully we see them again in Chicago sooner than later.

Boston Manor were up next and seemingly were a huge hit for the crowd. With a set consisting mostly of songs from their last two albums the band ripped through a set while the crowd had a blast and gave them all their energy. With their brand of pop punk mixed with hardcore and heavier moments they had the crowd singing along one moment and doing wall of deaths the next. The band also said they’d be back in the spring for a headline tour.

Finally it was time for the headliner though Neck Deep. With a stage set up made to look like their guitarists bed room where the band began they ripped through a set of hits never letting the steam up. With an endless wave of crowd surfers at times and sing alongs almost louder than the band, this crowded room of people made it known how happy they were for Neck Deep to be back in town. With a massive 20 song set list featuring most of their new album and their hit “Life’s Not Out To Get You” the band made sure to focus on not only the hits but also some deeper cuts.

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