September 28, 2023

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Show Review: Monster Energy Outbreak Tour


The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour came to Orlando recently, and shows on the tour have been packed all fall long. What did we think of the tour? You’ll have to find out after the jump.

On Saturday I had the honor of going to The Monster Outbreak Tour with Attila, Crown The Empire, Like Moths To Flames and Sworn In. Sworn In opened the show with a high level of energy. Sworn In are a band who have constantly been improving their live show since Tyler Dennen took over on vocals (again). Releasing The Death Card in 2013, they have toured pretty much endlessly on a regiment that would drive most people up the wall. They have earned a name for being a hard working group of guys. In Orlando on November 15, they played a set of crowd favorites including “Hypocrisy”, “Snake Eyes”, “XIII”, “Mindless”, and a new song titled Not My Sunshine. This is an example of a band who are extremely hard working but still have a few edits they can make to their actual live performance. Tyler Dennen is great at getting the crowd chanting and into the show. Overall, Sworn In were a good opener for the Monster Outbreak Tour.

After a few minutes of set up for Like Moths To Flames, the band took the stage with a bang. Anyone who is familiar with this band know they have an incredible live show. Fronted by Chris Roetter (ex Emarosa/ Agraceful), the band wasted no time. Having seen this band four times already, I knew what they were capable of. And again, there was no disappointment. All the aggression, rage and anger (see GNF, I Solemnly Swear, The Blackout etc.) is transitioned pretty from record to show, especially considering how many bands are lacking in the live show department. Their set list consisted of many crowd favorites (see the aforementioned list above) and singles. Go see this band if you haven’t yet.

After another set up time of about 40 minutes, Texas metalcore band Crown The Empire emerged from back stage. This was a set that something seemed off. The volume of the bass was too loud, and as a whole the band seemed odd. Still maintaining high energy, the band pushed through the set. Opening with “Initiation” and going straight into “Bloodline” was a huge way to get the crowd active. This group of fairly young gentleman just got off a UK tour the day before. They showed very little signs of jetlag other than being slightly off their game.

The last and final band of the night was none other than Atlanta, GA’s Attila. Having made a name for themselves as being an incredibly offensive band (they want you to hate them), they hold nothing back. This is a group of musicians who have fine tuned their art (yes, it is indeed art).
4 songs into their set, the Attila frontman, Fronz, brought out his young child onto the stage to see the fans. Having released a few albums, the band had a good chunk of songs to choose from for their live set. They played songs from every album, including a few new ones from their forthcoming album on Artery Recordings entitled Guilty Pleasure (since released). The band puts on a very energetic and very fun live show, and their setlist is surprisingly diverse.

If this tour is coming to a town near you, do not sleep on it.
Overall the show was a very fun, yet interesting experience.
4.25/ 5

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