August 9, 2022

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Show Review : Misterwives – Majestic Theatre (12.04.2021)

Misterwives & Frances Forever

Majestic Theatre

Madison, Wisconsin

Dec. 4th, 2021

Photos & Review by Bryan McCabe



Misterwives is one of those bands that when I see that they are going to be in my neck of the woods, I know that I am going to be there. I first heard of them in 2018 and decided to check out their show when they came to town. Right away that night I could tell that they are a phenomenal live band, so when I saw that they were coming to the Majestic in Madison, WI again I knew I had to be there. 

The night started off with Frances Forever, an Indie Pop singer-songwriter that got their big break thanks to Tik-Tok. Their chill groovy songs instantly connected with the crowd who were hanging onto their personal and emotional lyrics. After a solid half hour set capped off by their breakout song “Space Girl”, it was time for the Misterwives party to start.

With the lights down and the crowd anxiously waiting for their beloved band to come out, the spoken word intro of the lead track “The End”, from their most recent album, SUPERBLOOM, started playing followed by the band bursting out onto stage with the high energy enthusiasm that they’ve come to be known for. Their singer, Mandy Lee, is especially impressive when it comes to her energetic performance. From start to finish she is dancing and jumping around on stage, while effortlessly treating the crowd to her powerful voice. That energy combined with Mandy’s neon green dress and the mesmerizing visuals playing behind the band gave you no choice but to be drawn into every second of the action on stage. That energy is shared with the crowd who dance and sing every one of her words back to her.


Whether it was new songs like “whywhywhy” and “coming up for air”, or fan favorites like “Coloring Outside The Lines” and “Reflections” neither band nor crowd missed a beat. Misterwives is one of those bands that you can tell truly love performing and interacting with their fans. They always look like they are having the time of their lives on stage. That appreciation is deeply felt by fans when you go to one of their shows. Take this from someone who is a stranger in the Indie Pop world, do not ever pass on seeing Misterwives if you have the chance. I guarantee that you will have an incredible experience.

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