October 25, 2021

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Show Review : Half Alive – The Wiltern Theatre (09.16.2021)

Half Alive / Slenderbodies

The Wiltern Theatre 

Los Angeles, CA

Sept. 16th, 2021

Photos & Review By Jenna Doolitte


Thursday night, Half Alive filled The Wiltern with fans as they played a great show and brought Slenderbodies with them to open.

Slenderbodies gave the crowd a great performance, the interaction between Max and Benji and the audience really set the tone for the entire show, they had the audience moving from the start. They had dark lighting to fit the mood of their indie/alternative sound throughout their set and they never stopped jumping or moving around the stage. You could tell how much fun they had performing for this crowd.

Half Alive’s performance was an entire production, the indie pop trio had choreographed dances and lighting that fit the mood of every song. The singer, Josh Taylor performed the dance moves with the dancers and really took control of the stage.The band had giant lights behind them that was a staple throughout the show. Half Alive packed The Wiltern with fans that had so much love for their songs. Some of the highest fan energy I’ve seen from an audience and when they played their hit song, still feel. not a single person was standing still. The crowd sang every word and there was dancing throughout the venue. The band released a new song, Make of It that night and played it as the show came to an end.

I really loved that this show felt more theatrical than a typical concert and every performer was amazing. I can’t wait to see this band open for Twenty One Pilots later this month.



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