Show Review : Doyle – Brauerhouse (03.12.2022)



Lombard, IL

March 12th, 2022



Theres no better way than to spend a Saturday night than with some live music. It makes it even better though when seeing a legend in an intimate venue which is what fans got when they saw Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (of The Misfits) perform with his solo band at Brauerhouse in Lombard, IL.

Playing through a quick paced set with little downtime to rest Doyle and his band blew through hits from both his solo albums in a relentless manner that bands half their age wishes they had. Doyle commands the stage with a look and presence that only he can have. Watching him at close playing is a feat of its own as he plays with such a brutalness that its almost a sight to see him do and still play so fast.

Thats not to say though that the rest of the band isn’t going full force. Drummer Wade Murff is an absolute monster on the drums. He plays at a speed that is not only impressive due to the style of music but at just how effortless he is doing it. Frontman Alex Story is a monster of his own as well taking control of the crowd during each song almost in a trance like state during it all.

Even if your unfamiliar with Doyles solo material this is a show fans new and old alike should check out. How often can you see a legend play a small room months before they headline a festival.

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