Show Review: Capture The Crown – 5/10/2013

Capture the Crown

Local 662

St. Pete, FL



I don’t go to a lot of heavy shows anymore but every now and then one rolls through town and intrigues me.  This was one of those times.  Granted I had never really listened to any of the bands that were playing this night but I know that they all have a pretty big following and some friends of mine had been suggesting them to me for a while, especially Capture The Crown.


When I finally got into the venue, the tiny Local 662, I was immediately reminded of why I don’t go to a lot of shows anymore and that’s simply because I’m old.  I mean, 25 isn’t old by any means but I only came across a handful of others who were of the legal drinking age (funny I use that reference as I don’t drink).  It’s awesome that younger kids are going out to shows but sometimes the crowd is what ruins a show and that is exactly what happened here.


I was quickly reminded that kids these days are idiots.  As I was standing around waiting for the show to begin I overheard the girl behind me go from talking about only having a few weeks of high school left, to wanting to leave the show because she would rather be at home doing Molly, and that she would blow someone if they bought her beer.  What the fuck is wrong with people?  Go to shows because you love music, not to make an appearance and try to be cool.  That isn’t what the scene is supposed to be about (I hate using the term scene, but really, it’s what this is).


I made my way towards the front and got as close to the stage as possible.  Luckily I was a bit taller than most of the kids there and was able to shoot even with kids in front of me, as there’s no barrier at the 662.  Famous Last Words, Heartist, and Palisades all took to the stage and put on quite energetic performances, especially Heartist who were my favorite amongst the group.


After the earlier bands that played I wasn’t quite expecting Capture The Crown to be as heavy as they were and I’m completely fine with that.  The band brought an onslaught of breakdowns, tasty riffs, and screams from vocalist Jeffrey Wellfare.   The band played seemingly flawless through their set, while I was still having some issues with the crowd.  At one point during the bands set someone behind me referred to me as “that asshole photographer” which I found a bit funny as I’m probably the most polite person you could come across at shows.  Anyways, back to the band.  Capture The Crown got a great reaction from the crowd.  The kids went nuts as they moved along through tracks from their debut album “Til Death” and introduced us all to their new track “Rebearth”.  I was definitely impressed with these Aussies and their brand of Metalcore.  They had a great stage presence and had the crowd hooked from the first note.  I wouldn’t mind catching these guys live again, I just hope the next time they come through it’s on a larger tour package where I can have a little more freedom as a photographer.  Check them out, pick up their album “Til Death”, and be on the lookout for their new EP later this year.


Nick Zimmer


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