September 28, 2023

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Show Review: An Evening With Sevendust

Photo Credit: Doris Casola

Aggressive and energetic are not words that spring to mind when you hear about an acoustic performance but that’s exactly what “An Evening With Sevendust” turned out to be.

The venue was packed with loud and wild fans who screamed out the lyrics to every song. While the performance did have the intimate atmosphere of an acoustic show, everything else was pure Sevendust energy. Plenty of crowd interaction and the band even pulled out a couple unexpected, yet entertaining covers, which the crowd eagerly took over by belting out every lyric.

Crowds feed off of the bands energy and vice versa and that alone can make or break a performance, and in the case of “An Evening with Sevendust” it made it the best possible performance it could have been.

Loud, in your face, and pure raw aggression all perfectly describe the performance. I’ve seen Sevendust live before and they put on a great show, but I was blown away by their acoustic performance. One thing is for sure, no matter the circumstances, Sevendust will deliver an amazing performance.

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