May 25, 2024

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Shaping The Masterpiece: Revisiting Born Of Osiris’s 2011 metal masterwork, “The Discovery”

In the pantheon of metal bands of today, Born Of Osiris are one of the more unique ones currently going. Their debut EP The New Reign featured a highly technical and keyboard-laden deathcore sound, and its follow-up A Higher Place showed the band’s still developing sound. However, it was on 2011’s The Discovery that the young band really came into their own. A record that’s chock full of thick guitar and bass tones, impressive vocals from Ronnie Canizaro, and guitarwork that would prove influential in the coming years, Born Of Osiris produced a real barnburner here.

The Discovery is full of fantastically effective tracks. A huge evolution in their creative and writing process, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into here. Album highlight “Recreate” contains an intriguingly effective melodic lead, and is also one of the more accessible tracks here, too. “Regenerate” is a total pit rager, with a thick and meaty guitar tone and heavy bottom end that really gives the song a big boost. There’s even a stylishly executed chorus that adds melody and flair to the song (and record as a whole), making The Discovery an album that effectively blends heavy and melodic styles.

You really have to appreciate the way “Two Worlds Of Design” segues into the melodic interlude “A Solution”. These well-placed electronic sections, while admittedly brief, do well to add depth to what can be a challenging album to listen to in one sitting. Meanwhile, tracks like “Shaping The Masterpiece” veer toward tech-death territory, but are structured melodically in a way that even non-musicians can appreciate.

While The Discovery is almost a decade old already (!!!), it remains one of the best albums in Sumerian Records’ catalogue for a reason. Full of fantastic solos and snappy, thick production, this is the record that broke the band away from their deathcore peers, and into a truly special unit.

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