September 23, 2021

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Shadow Of Intent unleashes explosive new single, “Intensified Genocide”

One of the underground’s more popular metal acts right now, Shadow Of Intent have gone from strength to strength over the last half-decade or so. With three full-length albums under their collective belts to date (including 2019’s Melancholy), the band have racked up over 55 million Spotify streams and gone on tour with some of deathcore’s biggest names, and their Halo-themed lyrics have garnered the band interest outside of their typical genre circles. Of course, the band doesn’t focus exclusively on Halo subject matter – and new single “Intensified Genocide” is proof they have something important to say about the current state of humanity.

About the new song, vocalist Ben Duerr had this to say:

“With this song, we touch on some of the darkest chapters in human history, often swept under the rug or unheard of. Events that may happen anywhere, due to the carelessness or shortsightedness of dignitaries.”

While there’s no official album announcement as of yet, you can likely expect details on that soon – so stay tuned.

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