Sever The Memories unleash their debut EP ‘Hollow Shell’

Deathcore band Sever The Memories made their entrance in 2020 with their debut track ‘Hollow Shell’. After a handful of brutally heavy single releases, Sever The Memories has finally unleashed their debut EP onto the world. The South Florida band has just unleashed their EP ‘Hollow Shell’, which showcases unrelentingly heavy metal, melodic songwriting, and vocals from the depths of the abyss. Sever The Memories has suffered hardships, lineup changes, and the general weight the pandemic bared down on the world. Thankfully, the band has persevered through the hard times and have come out with one of the best deathcore EP’s I’ve heard in the last two years. The band has previously released three songs from the EP and those are ‘Hollow Shell’, ‘Plastic Kingdom’, and ‘Inherit My Misery’. The two unleashed songs ‘Stars Above’, and ‘Sever’ are high quality songs that were honestly worth the wait. The impactful EP was mixed and mastered by the one and only Andrew Zink of Brojob and Hollowed Studios. Sever The Memories have really displayed the talent behind their band with this EP, and I expect nothing but the best for these guys moving forward.

Overall, the ‘Hollow Shell’ EP stands very strong on its own legs. The formidable performances from each member that resulted in the end product for each song feels so carefully combed over with love and passion. It’s easy to tell when there is heart behind a project, this project has heart.

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