December 8, 2021

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Sevendust return with a vengeance on new single, “Dirty”

Sevendust are one of the most consistently great veteran hard rock bands today. This is a statement of fact – but if you need convincing, you need only listen to their entire discography (especially their most recent record, Kill The Flaw) as evidence of their longevity. Sevendust are the rare rock band to get arguably better as they age, though that doesn’t discount their classic records like Home and Animosity

It’s with all that being said that Sevendust are back with their first new song in 3 years, “Dirty”. A strangely melodic yet still heavy (yeah, Sevendust are really fucking good at that) track, it’s a solid introduction to their upcoming record, All I See Is War, out May 11th on Rise Records. On “Dirty”, Sevendust reaffirm themselves as one of the most important alternative metal bands in history. It’s very impressive.

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