Sevendust and friends go all out in Wisconsin to end 2022 (Show Review)

By Mariah Berg


Any day of the week is a great day for a concert. But when a Sevendust show takes places on New Years Eve on a Saturday night, that makes things a little more special. Over Two Thousand people were lucky enough to bring in the new year with Sevendust at a SOLD OUT show held at the Epic Event Center in Green Bay, Wi.


Opening up this night of celebration was Four piece band, Another Day Dawns! By the time Another Day Dawns took the stage, the venue was packed! It’s incredible the amount of fans that showed up for the very first of four bands! Another Day Dawns did a fantastic job at getting the crowd ready to party!


Next band to take the stage was none other than Ill Nino! There is so much to say about this band, they are truly unique! So many talented musicians make this band come to life. Founding member Dave Chavarri blasts the drums with two other drummers by his side, guitarists Marc Rizzo (also formally known from Soulfly) and Salvadore Dominguez melt faces as bass player Lazaro Pina shreds on his bass. Every member plays a part in the insane show that Ill Nino puts on. The crowd was wild for Ill Nino. Everyone was up off their feet, heads were banging and fans were picking each other up in the circle pit. Ill Nino was a perfect addition to this phenomenal show.

Next band to joint the party, Nonpoint! Nonpoint is no stranger to Green Bay. Each an every time they show up, the fans show up. As soon as Nonpoint took the stage, the crowd went nuts! The insane amount of energy that Nonpoint has each and every time they take the stage, definitely feeds off into the crowd. Fans sang lyrics at the top of their lungs, banged their head to every single song and even crowd surfed up to the stage to get a high five from vocalist Elias. Nonpoint is an extra special band that has so much love for their fans. They’re always happy to meet fans after their set, sign their merch and take photos. They are all about giving their fans a night they’ll never forget!

After three killer performances, the night was just about to get better. Last but not least to take the stage, Sevendust! Sevendust opened up their Fourteen song setlist with their song “Pieces” and immediately had the crowd engaged. Before the clock struck midnight, Sevendust performed many of their hit songs like “Denial” and “Enemy”.

As soon as the countdown to midnight struck, Sevendust was there to bring in the new year with each and every person in the venue. As soon as midnight hit, balloons fell from the ceiling and fans celebrated their New Years traditions. It truly was special to celebrate that night with Sevendust.

As they closed out their phenomenal set with their song “Face to Face” fans gave it all they had left in them and belted the lyrics one last time. This New Years show was definitely one for the books. Every single band complemented each other so well. Sevendust, Nonpoint, Ill Nino and Another Day Dawns most definitely need to make this lineup a national tour. Shows would be bound to sell out across the country!

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