Senses Fail satisfy new and old fans with energetic Wisconsin show (Show Review)

By Bryan McCabe


Few things excite me as much as getting to see a band that I grew up on come through Madison, WI. I love the venues here and getting to see a band you love just completes the experience. On this perfect spring night, Senses Fail were in town with support from The Home Team and Action/Adventure. 

Action/Adventure got straight to work getting the crowd primed and ready for the good times that were in store for the crowd. This young group of pop punkers from Chicago expertly put on a display of how you get a show started. Their infectious melodic songs definitely gained them some new fans that night.

Next up was The Home Team. The heavy-poppers hailing from Seattle. As soon as they came out the crowd was jumping around and singing along to most of their songs. These guys were new to me, but they absolutely made a lasting first impression. It’s not often that an opener can get the entire room moving like these guys did. The Home Team put all of their energy and heart on display for this Madison crowd and the crowd reciprocated that passion right back at them.  

Finally, it was time for Senses Fail. As the lights dimmed and the crowd’s anticipation reached a fever pitch, the unmistakable roar of the crowd signaled the beginning of an unforgettable night. The post-hardcore veterans took the stage at The Majestic Theater, igniting the atmosphere with their explosive energy and unwavering passion. This concert was a testament to their enduring presence in the alternative music scene and their ability to captivate audiences year after year.

Frontman Buddy Nielsen commanded the stage with his raw and passionate vocals, pouring his heart into every word. His ability to connect with the audience was evident as fans sang along, their voices blending harmoniously with the band’s powerful sound.

The setlist was a perfect mix of old favorites and new hits, satisfying both longtime fans and newcomers. Classics like “Bite to Break Skin” and “Buried a Lie” ignited a frenzy among the crowd, while newer tracks like “Death by Water” showcased the band’s growth and evolution. Closing out the show with a truly deep cut, “One Eight Seven”, was the perfect ending to such a career spanning set. 

The band’s chemistry on stage was undeniable, with each member showcasing their musical prowess and synchronicity. The guitar riffs were razor-sharp, the drumming was relentless, and the bass provided a solid foundation that drove the songs forward. Senses Fail rocked the stage with an explosive concert that left the crowd craving for more. With their signature blend of emotional lyrics and energetic instrumentals, the band delivered a performance that was both cathartic and exhilarating.

What set this concert apart was the emotional connection Senses Fail fostered with their audience. Between songs, Buddy Nielsen shared personal anecdotes, touching on themes of self-discovery, mental health, and resilience. These heartfelt moments added depth to the performance, allowing fans to relate on a deeper level. Nothing completes a concert in Wisconsin more than polling the audience on who they think was the worst serial killer. Dahmer may have just barely inched out Gacy. 

Senses Fail delivered an unforgettable concert experience, leaving fans exhilarated and emotionally charged. Their ability to blend intense energy with introspective lyrics created a powerful and cathartic atmosphere that resonated with everyone in attendance. Their performance was a testament to the band’s longevity and their unwavering commitment to their craft.


Photo Gallery : The Home Team – The Majestic Theater (05.16.2023)


Photo Gallery : Senses Fail – The Majestic Theater (05.16.2023)

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