June 29, 2022

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What is Scene Queen trying to accomplish on ‘Bimbocore’? Nobody is quite sure

Experimenting in music is the slice of life that keeps it interesting, as it’s existed in some form or another since the dawn of man. The limits have been pushed time and time again, particularly in recent years as such obscure genres like mathcore, grindcore, and anything else you can slap a -core onto have come into the fray. I’m always keen to see what new styles may come about, so what’s Scene Queen’s Bimbocore all about?

It’s garbage, through and through. In Scene Queen’s attempt to innovate a genre, it’s fallen flat on its face in an embarrassing heap. Seemingly pulling from Millionaires’ crunk-core vibes with a sprinkle of ISMFOF’s You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter riffs, it’s a soulless interpretation of genres long-gone and not even worth digging up for nostalgia.

Scene Queen’s downright yelling in intro “Bring It On” is ear-splitting, being purposeless and finds no solace in the following piece “Pretty in Pink” mocking the melody of “Rock-a-bye Baby”. With fewer notes than an Emmure song, the lack of melody results in a track most-easily abandoned once Scene Queen vocalizes in monotone desperation.

“Pink Bubblegum” is the saving grace of Bimbocore, introducing a riff with more than one note and some compelling trap beats; it’s too bad it’s only 2 minutes worth listening in a 13-minute EP. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, except the needle still isn’t even that great. “Pink Panther” samples the famous melody followed by a wince-inducing lyrical tirade of drink-chugging party anthem dreck.

In a seeming need to continue the “pink” trend, “Pink Rover” screams a random cavalcade of lyrics at the listener with no direction. It has the best “breakdown” riff of the EP, but that means little when it’s 20 seconds of salvage in a 2-minute sewage dump. We end with “Pink Paper” featuring the worst words this EP has to offer, a “weed anthem” where “queen shit” is mentioned 22 times.

I’m a devout supporter of things outside the box, but I can’t wrap my head around Scene Queen’s Bimbocore. As she calls her tunes her “catalog of mental illness”, one has to wonder what she has to accomplish with these embarrassing songs. Seeing as she’s signed to Hopeless Records, who have a track record of entrapping and mistreating their artists, perhaps Scene Queen is in for a rude awakening as her record contract continues.

Rating: NOT GOOD/10.

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