Rumor: Underoath to release new song, “No Frame”, on Thursday?

With Underoath’s fairly recent “rebirth” and a big 2018 festival schedule on the horizon, it makes a lot of sense that the much-loved Florida metalcore band would have new music readied as well. While rumors of new music haven’t exactly been a secret for a few months, it looks like the rumors are true, if recent Reddit and Twitter posts are to be believed.

For example, clicking this link reveals both “Erase Me” and a countdown that ends around 36 hours from now. Further investigations from the Metalcore subReddit reveal that after using Shazam to identify the song, a short clip of new music with the filename “NoFrame_Clip” plays. While this information obviously has not been confirmed by the band, we are very excited about the possibility of the first new Underoath material since their original breakup. Stay tuned.

got this cd in the mail randomly and i don’t know what to make of it from Metalcore

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