[RUMOR MILL]: Letlive to go on hiatus?

The music scene is currently buzzing with rumors that Epitaph Records post-hardcore band letlive. will be going on some sort of hiatus or even a farewell tour in the near future. The last 12-24 hours alone have seen rumblings from multiple sources that seem to indicate a farewell tour that could take place as soon as this fall. We do not have further details at this time, but we will continue to keep you updated with further information. It should be known that this rumor does have plenty of buzz online, but not enough to say it’s anything outside of a rumor. That being said, the evidence we do have can be found below – sources are all over Twitter and Reddit at the moment, as well as chorus.fm. It’s also known that Music Mayhem Magazine have picked up the story, so clearly it’s gaining traction.

letlive. exploded onto the post-hardcore scene’s front lines in a huge way with the critically acclaimed Fake History in 2010. Since then they have only continued to gain a loyal and passionate following, following up that album with The Blackest Beautiful in 2013, and If I’m the Devil… last year. The latter album was criticized by fans for not having a lot of energy, but they still managed to support the album via a summer headlining tour last year that also featured Seahaven, Night Verses, and Silver Snakes. Regardless of the rumors circling around right now, Letlive is one of experimental post-hardcore’s leading lights, and it would be sad to see them go away in any capacity. Their fans are truly some of the most dedicated around.

Letlive. farewell tour? from PostHardcore

These four pieces of evidence, along with multiple comments on the aforementioned reddit thread, are showing there’s likely something to this story. As much as we hope it’s not true, we’ll keep you posted – in the meantime, stream the band’s landmark Fake History album below if you need a refresher course on what experimental post-hardcore should be.

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