February 25, 2024

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ROWE breaks into power pop-rock with debut music video “Next Mistake”

ROWE is a rock, power pop artist who has made their debut with the release of their first single “Next Mistake” and accompanying music video. “Next Mistake” is a catchy song that anyone who has tried dating in the past few years is sure to relate to.

The song itself is a broad blanket statement on how I view dating in 2022 as well as dating in your early 20s. The core idea revolves around the fictional “next mistake,” a.k.a. someone who’s just not good for you and you shouldn’t date. The lyrics are self aware that it would be a mistake to pursue this person, but that’s mixed with doubt that it might just be a form of self-sabotage in play, as well as the external pressure from society to find someone and be in a relationship with someone. In short, the song is confronting pointless societal standards while also not hiding the effects that can have on the person who is on the receiving end of that pressure.

ROWE explained that they wanted to pull from both early and modern influences such as Cheap Trick, Ocean Groce, Fountains of Wayne, and Foster The People. “Next Mistake” is the debut single from an upcoming EP titled, “Better Late Than Never” that is expected to release soon.

“The EP itself has been a long time coming and writing, recording, mixing, and mastering the entire thing myself was a big challenge, but it was also incredibly therapeutic. I was able to get a lot of feelings that I had locked away out into the world without the fear of being judged. There’s songs about breakups, dating, being in love, heartbreak in general, and critiques on the music industry. I think out of every release I’ve been a part of so far, this one really encapsulates me and my style and what I can do musically, which is something that I’ve never really shown before.”

Check out the debut music video here:

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