Rockstar Games blunders the release of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy with glitches, DRM, and a flood of refund requests

In a time where game developers are well aware that the community is more than willing to speak up and push back against developers who don’t mind releasing a heaping pile of shit, Rockstar Games seems to have missed that memo. Rockstar has just released their remaster of the legendary Grand Theft Auto Trilogy. The trilogy includes Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – three of the most groundbreaking games of their kind. Unfortunately, they’re as bad as you think they might be, with glitches and issues galore.

The games were released to one of the lowest Metacritic scores of all time, ironic since the originals were all considered some of the most groundbreaking games of their time, and backlash from fans new and old. Maybe the issues started with Rockstar wanting to outsource this project to a company who has done nothing but mobile games. Yeah, that seems like a GREAT idea. Hopefully you can sense our sarcasm there. The company handed these games to perfect them goes by “Grove Street Games”, and they don’t really deserve to bear that title considering they couldn’t even refine games from a past generation. Rockstar pathetically apologized in a statement citing “unexpecting technical issues”. I mean yeah, if you skipped the play-testing period, which I’m sure they did in all honesty. We haven’t even mentioned the fact that if you bought this on PC through their terrible launcher “Rockstar Games Launcher”, you were basically locked out from playing the games you paid for while Rockstar dances around the office. This has been Rockstar’s biggest screw-up to date, and does not give us hope for Grand Theft Auto 6, especially since Dan Houser jumped ship. We are still waiting for a refund because Rockstar keeps denying them.

The issues start with everything being ported over what seems to be the mobile variants of the game. While some lighting and textures are pleasing the games miss their mark with brand new bugs, weird character textures, and what honestly seems like a genuine structure of a rushed PS2 game. An example of this is on GTA3, you could fall through certain parts of the map until they patched it recently. The same goes in the other versions as well. The excuses the mobile ports were able to throw out there don’t really work on next generation consoles and high-end gaming computers with ray tracing enabled graphic cards. While the core of the games remains in a skeleton form, the charm and fun vanishes in parade of bugs and horrible creative choices. You’re better off playing the originals – at least those are still fun, just like back in the day.

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