Riot Fest announces lineup, new venue, and introduction to “RiotLand”

Riot Fest has broken the internet today. The beloved Chicago festival has for the first time announced due to disputes with the city of Chicagos Park District moved to Seatgeek Stadium in Bridgeview, IL (which has hosted many festivals including Chicago Open Air, Sacred Rose, Summer Smash, and more). With that news though comes the line up and introduction to what is called “RiotLand”, a massive addition to the Riot Fest festival.

The lineup sees home town heroes Fall Out Boy return for the first time since 2013, Beck , and the return show for thrash metal icons Slayer (who are only doing 3 reunion shows total). NOFX will play all 3 days as they bid farewell to Chicago, Sum 41 will also play their final Chicago show, Public Enemy will be making their live return, and much more.

Heres what Riot Fest has to say about “Riot Land” so far :

A fully interactive site will be unveiled in the coming weeks, but here is a sneak peek of what’s to come:

Q101 Radio Tower: A nostalgic tribute to an iconic radio station, featuring live broadcasts and unique photo opportunities. At night, there’s a new fiesta in the making as we speak. It’s out at the Moontower, full kegs, everybody’s going to be there, you ought to go.

NOFX World: A stage and area dedicated to celebrating the music and legacy of NOFX, joined by their friends and fans alike, led by the ringmaster, named Fat Mike, to take you into the night.

Cabaret Metro Stage: A nod to the legendary Chicago venue, Metro, where many Riot Fest alum cut their teeth long before headlining the festival.

AAA Stage: If you know, you know, and that means you were probably lucky enough to be there. AAA was a warehouse venue where Riot Fest hosted many secret shows in the earlier days of the festival. You probably weren’t there the first time, but you won’t want to miss it again.

House of Law: Courthouse by day, OZ nightclub at night. RiotLand’s only gay punk and dance club that only opens at night.

Kevin Smith Tribute Zones:
Quick Stop: An immersive re-creation of the famous convenience store from “Clerks.”
Cretin Prairie Center: An area inspired by the film “Mallrats,” featuring themed activities and surprises. Who knows, you may end up on Truth or Mate on Riot Fest’s #2 channel, RFTV.

Casino: Yes, a casino, and it’s real. Are you feeling lucky? Not gambling advice, but I’m guessing if you poll the Riot Fest attendees…most would tell you to just put it all on black.

World’s Largest Festival Bar: Fly in Mr. Guinness as Riot Fest attempts to unofficially break the world record

Butter Stamos: Is he made out of rubber or is he made out of stone? Did you know there is at least one Butter Stamos tattoo out there?

Nihilist Arby’s: We thought about not even including this one because it doesn’t even matter. Nothing matters. Eat Arby’s.

Riot Fest will also feature fan-favorites from years past including the Wedding Chapel (You can get legally married at RiotLand), the Riot Pop!! Skate Ramp, free arcade games from Logan Arcade, Professor Pizza, the world’s largest touring rock-n-roll circus freak show Hellzapoppin Circus, mini golf, and all of your favorite bands playing at the same time.

While the list for now may be shorter than normal there will also be a few full album plays this year including The Offspring playing “Smash”, Manchester Orchestra playing “Cope” and Mastodon performing their classic, “Leviathan”.

2-Day and 3-Day Passes are available


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