Review: Tirade – “Tirade EP”

Tirade – Self titled EP


Tirade, a post punk band from the UK, are set to release their debut E.P on the 25th of November. They are extremely new on the scene, but believe me when I say they will be everywhere before you know it.

Already generating a bit of a media hype repeatedly being played on Kerrangs fresh blood radio show and releasing an awesome new video “We’re having fun” (found here) which we here at TNF love, they are set for the skies! In my opinion the current hype isn’t something that is short-lived either, but will instead extend well beyond the release of their E.P.

I have had a chance to speak to the guys before and can say they are truly genuine people that are together through a similar love for music. I mean in this industry you can do nothing but respect that.

The EP opens with ‘Snakes and social ladders’ a generally quirky and upbeat track. All round quite balanced and shows a great use of melodic guitar licks and catchy rhythm. I believe a lot of influences come through here. Reminds me of lower than Atlantis with a touch of Don Broco. I also believe this was the song Tirade made their first video to (Found here). Got to say props on the video, it looks brilliant, well shot and the lighting is definitely fabulous.

The next track on the album is ‘Punch’.  Shows a lot more technical ability and brings attentions to Jakes vocal range almost immediately. A lot heavier making use of a rawer, more compact bass sound and almost shiny chordal guitar fills. Great play on the timbre here. It’s not often that you see a bass player being the lead vocalist in a band, he’s turning that idea on its head. It works, and it works well. The instruments sounds amazing and compliment each other well.

My favourite song on the E.P is definitely Travel agent for guilt trips. It’s just my sort of thing, lots of melodic and deep tones. Reminds me a lot of Enter Shikari and defeater with the metalcore theme and Deftones with the chants. I feel it brings a heavier tone to the album and keeps a door open for the people that usually listen to heavier stuff.

Although I won’t detail every track (need to leave some for you listeners) I do have some general thoughts on the album. I like what tirade have done with this E.P. There are lots of influences that shine through their music quite clearly. They have included a lot of sounds from multiple genres like classic squealies, pop structure, chug breakdowns, melodic breakdowns and group chants but what gets me the most is the drum variation. There’s so much going on with the drums bar for bar it’s refreshing. Not in the way where it sounds overbearing either, but in a more subtle way. Using offbeat kick hits and cymbals hits to stop that repetitive feeling.

Overall I have to give it to Tirade, a brilliantly professional release. It’s almost weird to hear such clean production work on an early EP but, definitely a real breathe of fresh air. The release stands out from the crowd and in my honest opinion sets a high standard or benchmark for their next release.  Although it’s still extremely early days, I am keen to find out where the band will take their sounds next. I feel they’ve left an impression musically and have covered a lot of ground, setting themselves up through a number of avenues. They can go heavier include some screams and growls or they can go the pop route and push out some lighter stuff. I mean the ball is totally in their hands!

Great listen, and will be adding to my Itunes upon release. I recommend to all.

Track listing:
1) Snakes and Social Ladders
2) Punch?
3) Knives In Your Eyes
4) We’re Having Fun
5) Travel Agent for Guilt Trips
6) Optimism
7) The World Isn’t On Your Side


Rating: 8.8/10


Reviewed by Jason Moynihan

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