May 21, 2024

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Review: These Hearts – “Yours To Take” Album





RATING: 8/10



These Hearts are set to release their highly anticipated album “Yours To Take” on July 9th, 2013. For those of you hearing about These Hearts for the first time, they are a five piece Pop-Punk band mixed with some Hardcore elements. The band is also signed to Victory Records, (Emmure, A Day To Remember, Comeback Kid, Etc.).


There’s a lot of hype surrounding the new album and there’s a really good reason for it. The album is a huge step in the right direction from their last album “Forever Ended Yesterday”. Don’t believe me? Go listen to Forever Ended Yesterday and then take a listen to “Been Through Hell” off the new album. Yours To Take is a HUGE breath of fresh air for me. The band has definitely found their sound on this new album and it’s great to hear! The album has been featured on Alternative Press for the past few days streaming in its entirety. The fans and even some doubters of These Hearts have all been very pleased about the bands new found sound on the album also.


Yours To Take comes swinging at you and packs a punch right out of the gate, This Is Love has the privilege of being the number one spot on the track listing and it features Bert Poncet of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! The song screams out “We Couldn’t Do This Without You!” Which is pretty much the incentive of the track, being for all the supporters. The hard vocals and instrumental works are definitely a huge improvement just by listening to the first song.


In an honest opinion, the album stays pretty consistent with the Pop-Punk sound throughout the album and some of the songs do seem to have the same flow-through and sound which makes me skip to the next song. That’s really the only criticism I have about the album.


Some of the stand out songs of the album are, “The Inconvenience“, which is a completely updated and fresh version of The Inconvenience from Elephant In The Room. “Been Through Hell” is another song on the album that I enjoyed, it’s more of a strictly pop-punk song which is nice to hear with most of the other songs having more of a heavy touch to them. “Birds Of A Feather” is definitely the catchiest song on the album, the chorus is one of the ones that will be stuck in your head for hours. “These memories, will never be like birds of feather, I should of known better.” You might want to remember that line. Lastly, “War” is by far the heaviest song you will hear on the album, the song features Mattie Montgomery of For Today. His vocals are a stand-out on War which makes this one of my favorites on the album.


Finally, the album closes out with an acoustic song titled “Never Mind Me” which gradually builds itself up into a pop sounding song and then dies back down to an acoustic feel.


Overall, this album was a huge improvement for These Hearts and they’re definitely headed in the right direction. I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Yours To Take and can’t wait to see what the band has in store for the future.


– Alex G.


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