September 24, 2023

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Review: Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

DC has had a rough few years with their film series not particularly being that great. Thankfully Warner Brothers has come in and made Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, a film based off the popular cartoon series. Somehow though by making this, they’ve also made a excellent and somewhat brilliant animated movie.

Following the Teen Titans in a world where every superhero is the face of their film and franchise, Robin just wants to be a part of that. When finally given the chance though Robin and Titans may be forced apart as part a villains plan for world domination.

It’s a simple story for the most part. What makes it work though is that Teen Titans takes a cue from recent animated films such as the new run of Lego movies where this is almost more for adults than kids. The amount of jokes and innuendos runs rampant here. From jokes about superheros, the DC universe and their films, Marvel, Warner Brothers, and everything in between they managed to make this one that brings a steady stream of laughter.

Animation wise the film is beautiful. It looks nearly identical to how the tv series does and provides a bright and colorful sight to see. As for the cast of voice overs you have a list of people ranging from big names in Hollywood, musicians, and popular names in the animated voice over world including Tara Strong, Halsey, Nicolas Cage, Will Arnett, and Kristen Bell.


Overall Teen Titans! Go first feature length film isn’t just one for kids or superhero fans. Adults will appreciate the jokes and cameos that pop up while kids will get their fix of Teen Titans saving the day as usual.


Score : 8/10

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