December 1, 2023

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Review: Subscale – “The Last Submission”





“The Last Submission”

Industrial/Nu Metal

Geenger Records

Release Date: 3/13/13

Rating: 6.5/10

“Subscale is a four piece band hailing from Zagreb, Croatia and have recently released their debut 2013 album entitled “The Last Submission” via Geenger Records.

The band infuses many industrial, metal and “djent” elements in their new album and pull the listener in right away. Though many of the songs on the album seem to run together and become a bit monotonous, the overall combination of aggressive guitar lines, industrial electronics, and powerful screaming vocals keep a firm grip on the interest of the listener.

The band is also able to incorporate some hardcore influences in the new album (as seen on tracks “Pull The Threads” and “Antecedent”). The mesh of so many completely different genres may seem like a hard goal to achieve for many bands, but Subscale seems to achieve this goal, effortlessly.

Overall, the production quality, intense guitar lines and “in-your-face” screaming vocals on this release are fantastic, while the clean singing, and song composition leave much to be desired.

I have no doubt that with Subscale’s future releases, we will see a more mature, intense and possibly groundbreaking sound.”

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