October 20, 2021

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Review: Gateways – “Departures”






Progressive Melodic Hardcore

Hotfoot Records

Release Date: 2/19/13

Rating:  9.8/10

Gateways is a progressive, melodic hardcore band hailing from the metro Detroit area. I was introduced to them through Jeremy of Hotfoot Records and I can tell you all, they have reeled me in and made me a fan. Most hardcore focuses on being fast and aggressive, Gateways focuses on strong, positive lyrical content and making sure all of the instruments have a certain flow to them which works great for these guys. They go between yelling vocals and cleans and I absolutely love the cleans for this band. Sometimes, it throws me off with hardcore, but they found a way to make it work.

You can go to their Facebook page and see what types of people they are; Michigan Uplift Melody – Always keep an open heart, and an open mind. Judgment free, and always welcoming and Waking up in the morning, looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “today will be a great day.” This is the type of attitude we need in music and I foully support their message and will continue to support these guys. I look forward to much more music from them and I hope I get another opportunity to share it with the world.

As like most of my reviews, I try to find something I didn’t care for on the album, but I have listened to this album at least 10 times now and I still cannot find anything wrong with it. I loved every single track on “Departures” and I loved their message and their lyrics.

Rocks Like: Comeback Kid, With Honor, Champion

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Track Listing:

01)       Breaking Bricks feat. Joel of Being As An Ocean
02)       Insights
03)       It’s Better Than Nothing
04)       Retaliation
05)       Instrumental
06)       From My Side
07)       The Right Direction
08)       Gateways
09)       Stop And Think
10)       Departures

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