February 26, 2024

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Review: A Daydream Suicide – “I Sin EP”


I Sin2


A Daydream Suicide

“I Sin EP”


Lionhearted Records

Release Date: 5/10/13

Rating: 8.5/10

I was recently introduced to A Daydream Suicide when I was talking with Lionhearted Records about doing some album reviews for them. I’m pleasantly happy with being introduced to this band. A Daydream Suicide is a 5 piece modern hardcore band playing out of Denver, Colorado.

Right off the bat, at first listen, I heard a similarity to Stray From The Path. I’m OK with this because I’m a huge Stray From The Path fan. These guys just don’t give you straight up hardcore, but also incorporate some clean vocals as well. At first, I was taken back by the cleans and wasn’t sure what I thought about them, but they definitely grew on me and reminded me of some of the post hardcore bands (mainly Chiodos). This is prevalent on the track “The Antagonist”.

If I had to pick one thing I didn’t not care for on this EP is that it’s only 3 tracks. After the 3rd track, you are really into it and you get nothing else after that. It is however, pumping me up for either a longer EP or hopefully a full length in the near future. I think these guys have A LOT of potential to take the hardcore scene by storm. My biggest piece of advice I can give them is after you are done on the stage, if you are able to walk afterwards, you didn’t play hard enough.

I hope that A Daydream Suicide becomes a band that is on your radar because I have a great feeling about this band and also the label they are apart of.

Rocks Like: Stray From The Path, Chiodos, Stick To Your Guns



Track Listing:

01)      The Antagonist
02)      I’d Rather Be Dead
03)      Astronaut

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