September 19, 2021

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Review: 96 – “Caught In The Grips”


final 96 copy



“Caught In The Grips”

Hardcore Punk

Hotfoot Records

Release Date: 2013

Rating: 10/10

Hardcore is alive and well my friends!!! 96 is a hardcore punk band hailing from Essex County, New Jersey and they are bringing the 80’s hardcore to the modern age. I loved every minute (21:46 minutes to be exact) of this album. Right off the bat, this album reminds me of Madball and Bane and those are 2 insane bands to be compared to. The main thing I noticed about this release is they are not trying to follow today’s hardcore bands by having to make sure they have breakdowns in every single track, but instead, they are focused on bringing the aggression and speed that their genre was founded on.

I am having a hard time trying to find anything wrong with this album. Every track is insane and the whole album just kicks you in the face repeatedly until you raise your hand in defeat before they give you one last kick to the dome. If I did have to bring up any songs that I loved even more than the rest, I would have to choose 16 Inches and Dried Up. They don’t really stand out more than the rest, I just need to pick some tracks to add into this review and they are the ones I am currently listening to. I say, stop reading this review right now and get your asses a copy of this album. You can’t say you don’t have the money because they currently have this very album up on Bandcamp for $5. I think it is actually worth at least $10. Hotfoot Records, you truly outdid yourselves on this band and I look forward to hearing some more sick tunes by them.

Rocks Like: Madball, Bane, Negative Approach

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Track Listing

1)      Had Enough
2)      Losing Grip
3)      Darker Days
4)      Fast Money
5)      Hard Luck
6)      Culture Shock
7)      Stray Dogs
8)      Dried Up
9)      Walk Away
10)   16 Inches
11)   Iced Tea
12)   Last Part
13)   Rise Up

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