September 23, 2023

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Progressive metalcore band S’efforcer mourn the loss of a loved one on new single, “Stubborn Hero”

S’efforcer might be the true definition of underrated. At the very least, they’re a progressive metalcore band that deserve another look. With a handful of singles and EPs under their collective belts, there’s obvious a certain familiarity to the band that will reel in fans of progressive-leaning metalcore – but also a fresh take on the genre that will keep you coming back for more.

We’re stoked to bring you the band’s latest single “Stubborn Hero”. It’s a must-listen not only because of the solid music the band creates, but also because of the subject matter of the song itself. Give it a spin below.

About the new song, vocalist Quay Jones had this to say:

“Mourning the loss of a loved one due to unexpected circumstances. The song is essentially the process of grief, and is also extremely personal. The name is descriptive of how I viewed my step father in his passing – heroic in his willingness to fill the father figure role in my life from a young and troubled age, but stubborn in his self perceptions that he was, in a way, invincible.

Stubborn Hero is a song I wrote for the man I call my father. It is a song about mourning. Death is one of the only permanent things in life – it is an embrace of perpetual pain and sorrow. This song is less about what it can do for us, and more what it can do for others who are also experiencing the grief of losing a loved one.”

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