November 28, 2021

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Progressive deathcore band Immortalis release teaser for upcoming single, “Leviathan”

Wisconsin progressive deathcore band Immortalis have shared a teaser for their new music video and song, Leviathan, which is set to release October 26th. This will be the first release from the band since their debut EP Symmetry which was released in 2017. Since their first release, the band has toured the midwest and played alongside huge names such as Mushroomhead, Within The Ruins, Fit For An Autopsy, Oceano, and Beartooth. 

Vocalist Dylan Greenhill shared in his announcement on Facebook:

“After months, and months, of sitting on this, we finally get to unleash this track on the world. This is my favorite song we’ve written to date. This is the angriest song we’ve written to date.
I wrote this one for all the snakes, backstabbers, liars, and so called friends who want to watch myself and the rest of Immortalis fail.”

Check out the teaser for the  “Leviathan” music video below and be sure to have your calendars marked for October 26th when this heavy masterpiece is released into the world.


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