PREMIERE: Nevertel’s at their best in “Everything In My Mind”

We are proud to premiere the music video for Nevertel’s newest single, “Everything In My Mind”.

We’ve kept an eye on Nevertel since their debut single in 2015, “Rebound.” Shortly after, they put together a strong debut album in Living Fiction, which was impressively self-produced. Nevertel really started to gain traction with their first EP, Deep Down, in 2017. Memorable tracks like “Cold” and “Down” couldn’t escape my brain, racking up tons of replays thanks to the unique, polished sound of the group. My first piece of writing came about last year when Nevertel released “No Reverse,” and I had the pleasure of previously debuting their single “Another Lie” in February.

Now, it’s time for the band to really shine. “Everything in My Mind” is the best thing from Nevertel yet in their already-fantastic discography. Vocalist Jeremy Michael’s captivating delivery complements the anguish seeping through the distressed lyricism. This works in tandem with vocalist Raul Lopez’s focused attacks through emotive raps and shouts that add something to the table most bands don’t.

“Everything in My Mind” has a lot going on from start to finish. Aside from the to-be-expected catchy chorus, there’s some fantastic rising action with Raul at 1:40 and a surreal bridge that explores a cavalcade of appealing electronic reverberations. This section is a visual delight in the music video, going in-sync with each note. The video’s bleak tone and careful selection of colors make for an indelible song/video.

Nevertel have been full speed ahead the past year, with a single dropping every few months without compromising quality. “Everything in My Mind” truly feels like their best work yet, as I couldn’t stop playing it in preparation of this article. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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