August 17, 2022

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Premiere: Nevertel Has You Caught in “Another Lie”

A band that’s flown under the radar for several years now is Nevertel. A seriously-underrated act, these rockers have a knack for blending post-hardcore and rap without one genre overtaking the other. Their 2018 EP Deep Down is an easy top-5 of all time for me, with every song sticking out. Employing other elements like the layering of electronic effects, stellar unclean vocals and strong bridges make Nevertel a standout act.

Most recently, the band released the singles “Nice Try” and “No Reverse“, maintaining their signature sound and showing they haven’t lost a beat in five years of releases. The band’s newest single, “Another Lie”, shows that the band have matured their sound and can be equally enjoyable exploring a softer sound, as the vitriolic lyricism and subtle instrumentation can produce yet another hit for the band.

The format of “Another Lie”‘s video has all of the lyrics pop up as outgoing texts, immersing the watcher into the song’s tone by perpetuating the circumstances of the lyrics. Having the hearts in the background pulsate to the beat of the track is another nice touch, in addition to accentuating the last utterance of “Caught in another lie” in each chorus translating to capital letters. Thanks go out to Nevertel for sending the song early and letting us premiere this incredible song for them!

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