Premiere: Headwreck are hardcore’s newest hitters with “Good Grief”

Headwreck, 2020

Today, we’re bringing you yet another one from down under.

Headwreck is a hardcore outfit from Brisbane, Australia, and they’re poised to take their scene by storm. With the single “As Is” under their belt, New Fury is pleased to present the second single from the band: “Good Grief.”

With a solidified line-up thanks to the addition of Callen Batson (of Days Like These), Headwreck has an in-your-face sound paired with lyrics tinged with desperation. “Good Grief” narrates hitting the lowest points in life and details bitterness, heartbreak, betrayal, and grief.

The music video that accompanies “Good Grief” features a messy, violent setting and is grotesque as can be, hitting the tones of the song perfectly. The in-house production work from Headwreck guitarist Jamo Benadie brings out the band’s sound superbly, emanating vibes of Knocked Loose and Kublai Khan.

The potential in Headwreck is massive – already sounding like a top-of-the-line act two songs into their existence, the sky is the limit for the young band. Enjoy the video for “Good Grief” below!


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