February 2, 2023

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Premiere: Pennsylvania deathcore band Gravebirth release vicious new song “When Demons Lay Dormant” – listen!

Pittsburgh, PA is the stronghold for the metal scene inside the state. Just ask bands like Code Orange! Luckily, that proud, ironbound tradition all holds up to standard with Gravebirth and their new song “When Demons Lay Dormant”. The viciously versatile deathcore band has been lying in wait for quite some time – that all seems to have paid off. Gravebirth is preparing to release their new EP “Decrepit” on May 15th, 2020 via Chugcore. “When Demons Lay Dormant” is a highly aggressive song that highlights vocal range, instrumentation, and writing structure for the band. Gravebirth have been laying in silence for quite sometime, making their return with this devastating song and EP announcement. Check out the lyric video below!

“When Demons Lay Dormant” is just the ignition switch for Gravebirth. The band has shown unrelenting force and passion with the material they have released. As the band themselves note:

Well the way it started out, “Decrepit” was almost becoming a concept album based on social rejection and what it does to the human mind. But the more I wrote and the more it came together, it became a very personal and emotional record for me lyrically. I’ve opened up on a lot of thoughts and feelings that I’ve suppressed and kept to myself for the most part over the years with this EP, three of the songs are based on my personal struggles with depression and anxiety, which many people in my personal life will be surprised to hear about due to the fact that I’ve never expressed such things to them. I’ve never been clinically diagnosed, but I know that it’s there; because nobody with a stable and unaltered mind should feel the things that I feel. It’s my method of catharsis and “getting it out”. The way I look at it, if I can convey my thoughts and inner demons into words and put them to a riff, they’re less likely to threaten the life they belong to.
But on another note – the track “The Human Torture Experiment” is the song that most people will think doesn’t belong with the lyrical themes of the rest of the record. That song is obviously fictional, and it’s purely a horror concept that I had in mind for a good while before it was written. I’m a major horror movie guy, and I wanted to write something in that vein that nobody had written about before. In short, its written about that person who deeply betrayed you or hurt you the most in some way. They become captured, strapped down, disemboweled and ultimately slaughtered in the name of vengeance by your hand, all while being broadcasted on a live stream. We previously released that song a couple years ago, along with “Virulent Transmissions” which was our very first song that we ever released in 2017; also through Chugcore. But both of those tracks have been re-recorded for the EP and have had slight changes made to them in the process, so technically they’re not even the same version that we released a few years back.
But overall, this is a very dark, personal, vulnerable and (hopefully) relatable record as a whole and I’m beyond excited to unleash it on the world.

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