August 7, 2022

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Premiere – Adventurer Releases New Single “Vicious Circle” with Kurt Travis’ Esque Records



Michigan post-hardcore act Adventurer has released their newest single, “Vicious Circle” with Esque Records today. I had the pleasure of getting to interview the band for this release, asking them about this new release, their inspirations, and what’s in store for the future.

Vicious Circle is your second single, after Solstice. When can we expect the new album?
Steven Christy (Guitar/Vocals):  So we have this tour in January and at the end we’re driving to Los Angeles to record the rest of our next album. So probably the spring or early summer!

Can you explain the lyrics behind the track?
Jeff Masterson (Bass/Vocals): Uhh I think everyone can kind of get the gist of what I was talking about. But all in all it’s about wanting to get back with someone in probably a more sexual way, but then struggling with your feelings afterward.

Unclean vocals aren’t present in Vicious Circle, unlike in songs off your 2017 album “Sacred Grove”. Will there still be uncleans in future releases?
Steven: Definitely, Vicious Circle is definitely our first song I think without any screaming but that’s only because it didn’t really call for it, there’s definitely some heavier tracks on the new album as well!

You’ve now worked with two labels headed by Dance Gavin Dance members. How have they influenced your music?
Pj Clark (Drums): Personally I believe we take influence from everyone we work with in one way or another. There is an endless amount of knowledge out there.
Jeff: They basically showed us how to be a band, Kurt Travis specifically. Learned how to start getting on tours, and properly promotor and release music. I’ve always loved Kurt Travis’ lyrics and melodies and his voice has always inspired me.

You’ve also released a split and toured with Wolf & Bear. What do you think of their 2019 EP? Can we expect you to team up with them again in 2020?
Pj: W&B are definitely a great band and even better dudes. They work hard and put on a great show every time. We’d love to play with them whenever!

What is your dream band to tour with?
Jeff: Obviously MCR or Pmtoday but if we talking active bands I’d say Issues!
Steven: Probably armor for sleep haha
Pj: The 1975 or Van Halen

New Fury would like to thank Adventurer for their time in this interview, and Anthony Pacheco of simpl ( for making this possible! Catch both Adventurer and I Met a Yeti on the aforementioned January tour, dates are below!

Adventurer/I Met a Yeti tour dates
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