September 23, 2021

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Pre Fest: Day 2

After a successful first day at Pre Fest we ventured back to Ybor City for day 2.  Check out our rundown of day 2 along with photos after the jump!


Dan Potthast

Dan Potthast performance at Tequila’s outdoor stage kicked off the second day of Pre Fest with a light hearted and fun set. Calling for the crowd to break out in a dance party and joking around with everyone that was watching, it’s safe to say that if you haven’t check out Dan Potthast’s music yet, you should. He even dedicated one hilarious song, appropriately titled Heckler Song” to a guy sitting at the bar. Everyone was laughing and clearly having an enjoyable time.

Kepi Ghoulie

Kepi Ghoilue was joined on stage by Dan Potthast, and the two played fun, upbeat, music that the crowd sang along and danced to, including “‘Til Death Do Us Party”. At one point, they threw balloons into the audience and played a game with fans. They both put on wonderful performances– day two of Pre Fest was off to a fun start!

Chris Farren

Chris Farren took the stage next. His engaging stage presence was well received by the crowd- with people singing along to every song, including “Soulmate Stuff”, all of the positive energy at his show was infectious.


Pears, a hardcore punk band from New Orleans, performed indoors at Tequilas to a packed crowd. With no introduction and minimal talking, they jumped right into their first song. The front of the crowd was pretty rough, and the vocalist, Zach, was out of control– jumping around the stage, throwing himself onto the ground, and running all over, you could tell that Pears are a passionate band.

Free Throw

Free Throw played at the Crowbar to a small turnout but a decent amount of the people that were there knew all of the words to the song. New fans were also made, judging by the amount of people that came in during their performance and lingered by the merch table. Opening their set with the song “Lavender Town”, there were crowd surfers, people screaming the lyrics back at the band, and mention of the new album that they’re working on. This Nashville based band is definitely making a name for themselves.


Timeshares, a four piece from Suffern, NY, played on Tequlia’s indoor stage to a very receptive crowd. The band had the venue packed out and singing along to tracks off their newest album, “Already Dead”. You can check out their music here.

Tim Barry

Tim Barry played to a packed room at Tequilas, and even jumped down into the crowd to sing. It’s easy to hear the emotion in his voice, and to get lost in the stories that are in his songs. We were fortunate enough to catch his set a Pre Fest last year and made sure it was one we definitely didn’t miss this year.


Heartsounds, a punk rock four piece from San Francisco, put on a fast paced, high energy performance at The Orpheum.  The band doesn’t make it out to the east coast often so it’s always a good time being able to catch them. It’s great to hear the diversity of the band, as they’re made up of former members of Light This City. Heartsounds are a band definitely worth listening to.


Masked Intruder

Masked Intruder are a band that you should see live if you haven’t already. For Pre Fest, they performed their B-Sides / rarities.- “Better Believe” and “Running From The Cops” were included in their set list. Officer Bradford ran around the crowd, and even carried a fan on his back across the stage. In between songs, the band joked around and talked to the audience. Masked Intruder are truly a hilarious band.

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