March 2, 2024

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South Carolina trio PRACTICALLY PARADISE release charming pop-rock debut “On Read”

We’re stoked to introduce you to South Carolina’s newest budding pop rock band; Practically Paradise. Comprised of Kyle Grant (guitar), Steve Bolin (vocals / guitar) and Reed Bolin (drums, vocals); their debut single and visualizer “On Read” dropped 12/4 and provides a candid first-person look at the way modern dating has changed as social media continues expanding into all aspects of life. Albeit an infuriating topic for anyone who’s experienced the communication failure known as “ghosting”, Practically Paradise uses clean production, neon colors, and cheerful synth to create a playful video.
 “Everyone wants to be heard, to be acknowledged, to know that they aren’t alone in the world, especially in a world that’s become so divided through the development of social media. This void has never been felt in the generations before us, so the negative effects of feeling unwanted and left out to dry are exponential. We hear you, and we understand. You aren’t alone.” – Kyle Grant
If you love The Band Camino, The 1975, COIN and LANY we suggest you give Practically Paradise a spin and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Click below to check out the official video for “On Read”!
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