October 26, 2021

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Post-hardcore supergroup The Difference Between release new single, “Cold Comfort”

Comprised of the ex-vocalist of Emarosa (back in the Corsets Are Cages version of the band), Softspoken, and A Scent Like Wolves, The Difference Between bring a somewhat nostalgic, yet still refreshing post-hardcore/metalcore sound to the forefront. Having released a handful of singles this year already, the band is back with “Cold Comfort”, which you can stream below. While the pedigree of the band members isn’t in question, neither is the style they’re aiming for – so fans of older Emarosa as well as newer post-hardcore fans will find much to like here. Technically it’s not out on streaming services until Friday, so enjoy!

Vocalist Chris Roberts had this to say about the new single, “Cold Comfort”:

Literal meaning – a recurring nightmare I had for weeks where I’m infatuated with this female ghost that only wanted to kill me. I would wake up super weirded out and have to shake it off. As a metaphor – “she” is my weakness, my vice. No matter how much I try it’s like she’s always coming for me. An overwhelming sense of dread becomes all I can feel. Ghosts and demons are the things I should let go, but they haunt me.

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