August 17, 2022

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Post-hardcore newcomers Ghost Heart release explosive new EP, “Elegant Decay” (Review)

Just when you thought the post-hardcore genre was getting a bit stale, out of nowhere a Pacific Northwest band, Ghost Heart come out guns blazing with an explosive EP in Elegant Decay. How talented is this band, though?

Elegant Decay is a melodic post-hardcore treasure that starts off with “Insidious”, an intriguing melodic guitar heavy track that immediately pulls us in and effortlessly shows us right off the bat the kind of musical experience we will have from this point on. The first track is impressive and instantly a favorite for its distorted euphonious guitar chords and effective use of distressed vocals. The same instrumental energy drives us into “Long Distance Shortcut” but doesn’t compare to the unique subdued moment we get with “A Pine Overcoat”. Its clean and contrasting distraught vocals coupled with its undressed guitar melodies dials down the energy presented with the first two tracks.

We then pick the energy back up with “Witch Window”, an immensely potent track that is emotionally explosive lyrically while at the same time beautifully expressive instrumentally. Elegant Decay then comes to a satisfying close with ”Idle” that brings down the energy once again with more pretty cathartic guitar melodies and visceral screams and clean vocals interlaced throughout the track.

Elegant Decay does a tremendous job of balancing hard and soft instrumental momentum to help us appreciate the band’s keen sense of creating the perfect ambiance for different tracks on this EP for the listeners. Although the band is still on the rise, Ghost Heart is going to go places with their talented musicianship and great lyrical presence. If they continue this healthy balance with future releases there is no telling where this band will go. For listeners that are fans of Gatherers and Underoath, this is the EP to give spin if you have a moment to spare as it worth every minute of the ear’s time.

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